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[Image: A sparkly, multicolored homage to a Sailor Moon illustration featuring Fionna and Cake from Adventure Time. It shows Fionna in three states of dress, transforming from her normal outfit, to her princess outfit, and finally into her torn dress with a sword in her hand.]


another Thing I Will Be Printing Eventually! parody of my fav sailormoon illo only fionnas.

i think her hair is on the wrong side but whatever, man


[Image: Rule 63’d Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask on a lacy pink Comics Alliance Swapped Valentines card. Rose petals fly through the air as Tuxedo Mask holds Sailor Moon by the waist, her cape flying behind her. The card reads, “Did it hurt when you fell from the stars, Valentine?”]


More gender swapped Valentines for Comics Alliance!

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask!


[Image: Rule 63’d Esmeraude from Sailor Moon, holding a closed fan against his chin. The picture is done in brown and green.]

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[Image: Fionna and Marceline from Adventure Time dressed as Princess Serenity and Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Theyr eyes are closed, Fionna sitting on the ground, Marceline lying down with her head in Fionna’s lap.]


quick nap by ~jessadilla


[Image: Marceline, in a caped tuxedo and white domino mask, and Fionna, wearing a fluttery pink ballgown with a pink parasol and red gloves and heels. Marceline is hugging Fionna from behind as they both fall backwards through the air, in a pose referencing a panel from the Sailor Moon manga.]



Tuxedo Marceline and our heroine Fiona in an homage to a scene from volume 1 of the Sailor Moon Manga. 



[Image: Fionna from the sexswap episode of Adventure Time. Fionna stands in a pink spotlight on a purple background, with stars lighting up around her. She is dressed as Sailor Moon while wearing her white bunny hat, striking a fighting pose. Cake stands behind her with Luna’s yellow crescent moon on her forehead.]


I finally watched the Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake episode today! It’s so adorable. I loooved it. <3

I got this idea watching it and seeing Fionna on screen in her dress, which by the way, is SO a reference to Princess Serenity in Sailor Moon.

Anyway, Sailor Moon’s name is a reference to the Japanese story of “rabbit of the moon” anyway. 

Usagi= rabbit blah blah you get it! haha.

Adventure Time belongs to Turner+Pendleton Ward and Frederator, etc.

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi.

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